HSB Jammies… Big Surprise, or maybe not

So here we are the Monday after Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, the end of my holiday and we are ready to award the Jammies.

Post HSB Jammie celebration

We had a great weekend with a lot of good music; there were many solid contenders for our Jammie award. And, as stated… big surprise, the 2022 HSB Jammie award goes to The Brothers Comatose! I know it likely seems the scales were tipped in their favor since they are my favorite local band, but we both have to agree and Andee agreed that this was the band that made her want to get up and dance. We had a great spot to listen and dance and we were surrounded by people we love. Big shout out to Jenny and Russ for letting me join them in their shaded dance area, and letting me bring all my friends over too. Noteworthy: Brian Miller saw his first Brothers show!

We had many ‘brothers‘ airings; the first being an actual brother, Alex Morrison
Then Andee found Steve Height
Steve was everywhere. Here he is with Debbie!
And at the end of the night, Jenn managed to find him as well.
We also found Greg Fleischut and got a quick photo with him as well.

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