AmericanaFest 2022 Jammie Award — Just a little late

From the minute we walked into the Analog at the Hutton (during sound check), their energy and their camaraderie was so infectious. This is what live music is about. Hands down, we have to give this jammie to Garrison Starr, Sean McConnell and Ashley Ray. The humor and the kindness was so apparent and their love for each other and for music came through in their songs and in their performance. This was a truly special show and we feel lucky to have been there for this experience, even without the promised white jumpsuits…. and they might have been more comfortable in those white jumpsuits; that room was COLD!

Looking forward to seeing all of them again in any configuration.

Also I might have fan-girled Garrison just a little. Thanks Andee for the photo. Thanks WNRN for the tee!

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