SXSW – Day 4? Day 3?

I’m not sure how to count my days this time. It’s Tuesday. No, wait now it’s Wednesday. Then I blinked and it was Thursday morning. Now it’s Thursday evening and another day is in the books. And now it’s the crack of dawn and we are trying to get out the door.

But let’s talk about Tuesday! We were women that rocked on Tuesday. We spent the day at Cheer Up Charlie’s at the Women That Rock party. It was an amazing line-up and a really great crowd. We made new friends and found new bands to love. Thanks Andie!

We started the day with Sorry Mom and they totally started us out right. It’s also how we bonded with our new friends, Phyllis and Stephanie.

Cheer Up Charlie’s
Sorry Mom

Next up at Women That Rock was Hien, wearing the new fashion trend – anti-symmetrical hemlines. She challenged the audience by suggesting that we had never seen a Vietnamese woman sing in Hungarian. She was right at least among the people in our group.

Ava Maybee had some zing, both sartorially and lyrically. Her song about anxiety (Puke) got my attention and I would see her again.

Ava Maybee

Katie Toupin was so much fun. I’m really glad that she’s pursuing music since leaving her former band. I’m also delighted to learn that my two favorite songs by her former band are two songs that she still performs. She also took selfies to a new level for me when she took an audience member’s camera and continued to video herself and her band while performing.

Katie Toupin

Charlotte Rose Benjamin was adorable and her shoes were so cute and her bass player was rocking some crocs with some heels. They were solid crocs! Also she covered a little Jenny Lewis / Rilo Kiley and I’m a sucker for ‘Portions for Foxes’, so I was satisfied.

Charlotte Rose Benjamin

Molly Martin was a true treat. Philly represent! She was unapologetic and real and Rod would have loved her. Some of us are proud to have been called out as her queers over 40 when we started rocking out to her cover of Chrissie Hynde / The Pretenders ‘Middle of the Road’. Side note, not enough people cover The Pretenders and she did a great job! Definitely would see her again and am actually trying to get myself to her show tomorrow.

Molly Martin

Barrie brought us some delicious harmonies and synchronized dance moves. Their voices were so beautiful and they appeared to be having so much fun. We saw them at SXSW in 2019 but I do NOT remember seeing this band before. We did go see them again on Wednesday at the Paste party.


Carfune might have been the wrong time. I have no real impression of them, but I have this video. Sorry Carfune!


Jaguar Jonze was a lot of fun. Her performance was high energy and I love an Australian accent!

Jaguar Jonze

The Overcoats have been on my list for awhile and I’m glad to finally check them off.

The Overcoats

All in all we give Women That Rock an enthusiastic 5 stars. Well done, Andie!

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