Utopia Fest 2019

Another Utopia Fest is behind us. Every year there is a question that rumbles under the surface… will this festival survive another year? The answer is yes, at least one more! Travis, the founder and proprietor is going to make it happen and the lease agreement has one more year on it. They just need $50,000. Do you have any cash to spare because this fest is awesome and it would be really sad to see it go the way of the Armadillo (music venue). Viva Utopia 2020!

I am so grateful this festival exists in our hill country backyard of Burnet, TX. I mean, who doesn’t love Utopia, TX but let’s face it, driving an hour vs. 3 hrs is much easier. Don’t get me wrong, I am already making plans to attend Sweet Party in early April at the old Three Sister’s Ranch in Utopia, TX with 500 of my closest friends BUT the new site at Reveille Peak Ranch is really growing on me. (Note: Utopia Fest 2020 dates are Sept 18-19)

They’ve done away with camping separate from your vehicle and gave some more options for those who prefer to glamp. Our friends opted for the Granny Camp option so we joined them, leaving our car in the free lot. It worked out perfectly. Our camp consisted of friends we had made at Sweet Party and friends we made at UtopiaFest last year, plus their friends, plus a couple of cool teachers who were nearby. We shared stories, drinks, food, and a campfire and well, it was Utopia!

The music was Utopia as well. A lot of local bands that bring both a festival, rocking vibe and an accessible sound that everyone can enjoy. Also, if you weren’t feeling the music, you could go back and hang at the GIGANTIC bonfire! There was a lot of recent clearing on the site so there was a lot of wood to burn and recent rain combined with cold nights made it a perfect time.


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