Rhett Miller and Charley Crockett decided to perform on the same bill (at GAMH this Thursday 11/7) for my birthday!


So you should come and help them celebrate my birthday with me. I mean seriously, there are so many reasons to go.

  1. Rhett Miller — If you don’t know Rhett Miller, you should. He’s the lead singer for the Old 97’s. He also has his own solo career and writes poetry, etc, etc., a regular renaissance man.  If that’s not enough for you… He’s as cute as a button and has the prettiest eyes, the best butt wiggle and a fabulous windmill arm. You should really come see him!
  2. Charley Crockett — It’s more likely that you don’t know Charley Crockett. He’s a little newer to the scene, but he, too, is fabulous and pretty.  Charley is a little more country (and bluesy) than Rhett, but he and his band are fantastic. I mean who isn’t impressed with a piano player who can play the trumpet simultaneously and can also play the accordion. (One of my biggest regrets is not having my Uncle Joe or my Pop-Pop teach me to play the accordion.) Plus Charley has a couple dance steps that I suspect he’ll dust off for us. There’s also this great World Cafe Live interview with Charley.  Check it out!
  3. Texas Musicians — Both of these fellas have Texas roots and so Andee would support you attending this show as well!
  4. It’s my birthday (well, the day after my birthday).  *And* I don’t really drink anymore, so you won’t have to buy me a drink or anything. You can just come and see a fabulous show and that’s your gift to me (as long as you don’t talk during the music). If we are really lucky, some of the LOLMs will be there too and so we might get to hang out with those fabulous ‘ladies’ as well!

So maybe I’ll see you on Thursday night? If not, check out the other shows that are coming up in the Bay Area in the near future. Don’t forget to get out there and support live music!


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