So Much Good Music This Week

My job is terrible right now and I can’t take the time to write all that I’d like to say so…

Tomorrow, Thursday, December 12th — KOLARS at the Independent.  You can search the blog to see what we’ve written about KOLARS in the past, but suffice it to say that they won our first Jammies! Go!

If you don’t go there, then you should go see Vintage Trouble. Another amazing band. I believe they are playing at the New Parish. You can consult my Bay Area listings to confirm.

Friday, December 13th — The Brothers Comatose at the UC Theatre. I’d have preferred a different venue, but I’m in! Me and at least 7 of my friends. I suspect more! See you there?

Saturday, December 14th — The T Sisters at the Freight. I am honestly not sure if I have ever seen a full show of the T Sisters since the first time I saw them open for The Brothers Comatose oh-so-many-years ago. I catch a song here and there and fundraisers or guesting with someone else, but not them and never them headlining. I’m excited!

If you have a car and you aren’t in for the T Sisters, you should head up to the North Bay and check out Willie Watson! He’s wonderful!

Okay, I gotta get back to work….

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