Jackie Greene (The One I Wanted to See)

And it was…

Jackie Greene was incredible last night. He played the songs that I wanted to hear. Bob Weir did not come out on stage. His new band is incredible.

I had seen them (minus the horns) at a small venue in Nashville (The Local) last month, but they were having sound problems and it was a short set and a small stage in the middle of the afternoon, etc. I think you get the picture. I wanted to go to their show at Mercy Lounge that evening, but I didn’t particularly like Mercy Lounge the first time I went there and I wasn’t prepared for another claustrophobic late night. I feel more okay with my decision after last night.

Last night was everything that afternoon show in Nashville wasn’t (except Bob Weir still didn’t show up and that’s a good thing!). The band was so large that I couldn’t get a picture of everyone on stage at once. Newer additions Shannon Sanders (keyboards) and Megan Coleman (percussion) combine well with Nathan Dale and they really make the band pop. This is no jammy Dead cover band. This is *my* jam!

And did I mention the horns section…

It was two solid sets of Jackie and it ended with Jackie on stage by himself singing ‘Sweet Somewhere Bound’ to me (and everyone else, but really…) and a very cool poster.

So what I really want to say here is that if you have a chance to go see Jackie Greene on tour with this band backing him, DO IT! You can thank me later! And you can thank Shannon Sanders later too cause I probably wouldn’t have bought the ticket last night if he hadn’t confirmed that the band would be backing Jackie in SF.

The bad news is that if you aren’t going to see him tonight in LA, I’m not sure if you have this opportunity again. It’s the only other show listed on Jackie’s website

One thought on “Jackie Greene (The One I Wanted to See)

  1. I was in sf at filmore and have known jackie for years! I dont go one day with out watching a video from the sweetwater my favorite ‘Hollywood’ along with Jason Crosby on the ivorys is the best!! Thanks for sharing this! Jackie blew my mind once again he never disappoints.


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