ACL – Saturday,Wknd 2

I’ve ridden Lyft many times and never feared for my safety and maybe that’s why I was shaking when I got out of my ride halfway to the fest on the I-35 access road.

The vehicle was playing a rap song about “slap that bitch” and “fuck that clit”. Not loud, but that is a fact. I’m not sure that you can fuck a clit.

The guy opted not to get onto the freeway entrance very close to my house and took the access road. There was a police escort that looked like it could slow things down so fine, whatever. At this point I mentioned that you could get on there and take the upper deck. They 3 other guys I was with agreed but the driver did not. I guess that our driver didn’t like the correction and still wasn’t planning to follow the gps. He did not get onto the freeway and he ran a red light in front of St. David’s at the on-ramp . Then we were trapped in UT game traffic. Was this maybe his plan the whole time? Pick up a higher fare? IDK, it was a weird situation. He said we had been rude and would be leaving us here to get another ride. Seriously, he pulled over on the access road and told us to get out. So we called another Lyft and here we are, at ACL. That really sucked and made me feel unsafe, even with three dudes in tow.

The Wombats – A strong festival beginning as we get oriented.

Curtis Harding – Great soul rock and roll.

The Breeders – Kim Deal is the real deal, still. First the Pixies, then the Breeders. She still rocks.

Lucie Silvas – This was a surprise. I liked the bit of the show I caught. Her smoky voice would be worth checking out again.

Brandi Carlisle – The guitarist from Pearl Jam, Mike McCreedy joined the set for a jam. It was a lot harder rock than I expected from her show but still with plenty of soft spots. The rock and roll made it easier not to cry so that’s nice. I’ll take this any way it’s being served.

Trampled By Turtles – Their Music is great but their audience is a bro show and I didn’t really want to deal with it.

Chvrches – It surprises me how cute she is. Pink flowing dress on a tiny 20-something dancing and spinning. She has black eye mask makeup though so she’s clearly a badass. Right? This was also a bro show but in the gay fan-boy way. I ended up in a mass of dudes who were so excited to see her, which was kinda fun on its own.

Sylvan Esso – Taking the stage in a Beyoncé, Single Ladies onesie with fringe arms and platform boots she was both fun to watch and good to hear. The lighting (or lack of) made the show feel surreal and dreamlike, especially as nighttime started to take over.

Metallica – These old dudes still rock hard.

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