2018 Hardly Strictly Jammies

The winner is…. Darlingside

This is mainly due to the fact that on Sunday we both chose this as our favorite performance. That says more about the day and our music tastes than anything. Darlingside is a 4-piece boy band from Boston who sounds a bit like Bon Iver with Sea Shanty Singers. They are like Warren Helman in a variety of ways and that is our jam.

Friday Jammie Winners:

  • Patty Griffin (Andee) – great to see her sing so strong and beautifully, brought me to tears
  • Langhorne Slim and the Lost At Last (Jenn) – he engages the audience in such an honest connection, also brought the feels

Saturday Jammie Winners:

  • Glorietta \ Jeff Tweedy (Andee) – My hometown (Austin) supergroup was a mix of perfection and Jeff is my favorite
  • I’m With Her \ The War & Treaty (Jenn) – All of these voices are what this country needs right now

Sunday Jammie Winners:

  • Darlingside (Andee & Jenn) – A surprising win. They earned the audiences attention with beautiful harmonies and strings on a slow Sunday morning. Well done.

For the record, Langhorne Slim (Great American Music Hall on 10/4), Tweedy (Fillmore on 10/5), Ben Morrison and Lone Bellow (GAMH on 10/7) we’re not eligible for the Jammies. You might have already guessed but Jenn would pick Ben every time. Check out our YouTube channel for some great videos of these performances and thanks for reading!

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