Day 3 – Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Sunday 2018

Updates and the Jammies on Monday. Submit your nominations now. Also accepting photos.

What we saw:

Emmylou Sound Check – This is always a special and intimate moment between Emmylou, her band and the crowd. Today, Emmylou let us in on the fact that she was suffering from a cold and while you could totally tell during soundcheck as she coughed and blew her nose, you would never have guessed in her performances (even her soundcheck performances). A consummate professional!

Vetiver – The last song was good. Overall, this local band does not excite this local girl. To be fair though, I’m pretty sure that both Crystelle and Teri liked them when we saw them before too so this may just be a case where they are “not my jam”. Andee did point out that they were slow and that was perfect to start a Sunday morning.

Darlingside – Stole my heart. Looks/sounds like the Beatles and Bon Iver. That’s Andee’s assessment. Jenn says this band healed my soul two years ago (though that was not the first time that I had seen them and I had liked them enough the first time I saw them — opening for Patty Griffin, I believe — that I remembered their name and jumped at the chance to go see them with Renee) and they continue to heal me every time I see them and I see them any chance that I get.

Aaron Lee Tasjan – Best dressed band of the day. Also good and rocking and I love his song ‘Bitch Can’t Sing’ which doesn’t sound like an ally kind of song but it totally is. You have to hear the intro story (or maybe listen to the lyrics) to see the way that it is supportive,  but it’s definitely there. Also I managed to get a delivery of IPAs and flourless, dairy free peanut butter cookies which were AH-mazing. Thanks Dennis!

Nick Lowe – Another legend! He was backed by Los Straitjackets who performed the entire set in luche libre masks in the sun. It seemed cruel, but perhaps it was meant to be kind. (See what I did there?). He played that as well as his other hits and asked the question (well, one of them) on everyone’s mind… What is so fucking funny about peace love and understanding?

The Lone Bellow – (Part one — because we went to see them at GAMH as well after the music ended in the park). They were really incredible. I loved them the way I loved them the first time I saw them (also at HSB). They might have gotten best of the day (instead of Darlingside) except that their show at GAMH was better than the performance in the park, so we felt we couldn’t award them the best of Sunday. One of the highlights of both performances was when they covered Buffalo Springfield’s ‘For What It’s Worth’, though ‘Cold As It Is’ is amazing around that one mic.

Emmylou Harris & The Red Dirt Boys –

What to say? This is how I’d like to end every music festival if I can’t have this every weekend which would be my first choice. As usual, just lovely!

Thanks for joining us!

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