ACL – Sunday Wknd 2

On the bus, so there’s no fuss.

Heading to catch Mt Joy if we hurry. They just started.

Mt. Joy was great! That’s the band that sings about Jesus driving an Astro Van and Drugs, Women, Wine and Weed. As if that wasn’t enough, they also sound great.

ARIZONA (all caps b/c the internet)

Yeah, they’re cool. I have to come back to this.

Bahamas are up next.

In the last two weekends I have seen some of my top favorite bands/singers in the world. Damn I am lucky.

Patty Griffin, Jeff Tweedy, Langhorne Slim, Glorietta (a supergroup of some of my fav bands) and Bahamas! Bragging.

Bad boys need love too y’all. (If this is your first time listening to Bahamas, they don’t really rap. This is just a tribute to loving deadbeat dads and a verse about climate change. They go together, it works.)

That’s the end of the Bahamas current tour. Catch them next time hopefully. They didn’t seem totally in sync today, like maybe being on the road and performing every night is getting a little old. I hope they’re just in need of a break. They bring out the groovy jams and funky harmony like very few can. I like Afie, the dude, on his own but the whole band with Felicity Williams, the female singer, is what makes the band.

They closed with “I’ve Got All The Time”. Then we went to see Houndmouth who played “Sedona”. Both of these songs are on a playlist from a special time in my life. It’s funny how just a few songs can recall a distant time or place.


I keep missing this band but finally saw them! They were actually much better than I expected. A lot of fun energy and a good sound.

Shakey Graves

He covered Something In the Way by Nirvana. See video on the YouTube channel.

He’s really a great musician. It’s wonderful he “made” it because this guy earned it. His new album veers away from his old one-man-band beats and tambourine mix but it’s still something you want to listen to and really hear.

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