Day 1 — Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Friday 2018

We’re on our way after turning back for a cell phone. I won’t mention whose. Thanks Rod for driving and going back.

Banjo Stage – left of the sound stage is where we were!

This was a great setup from Mamma/Sister Betts at the Banjo, but we spent a large portion of the day at Rooster.

I (Andee) saw:

David Luning (from Santa Rosa?) – great singer/songwriter and tight band. Really enjoyed this!

Ana Tijoux – Spanish Fem Hip Hop. She was fun and great to see at a festival, but not something I typically think of as “my jam”. Jenn adds: Also the sound went out partway through. I was glad to hear my favorite song as her second song and I even got up and danced at that early time slot! Also, connected with my friends Tarah and Tom on my way back to the Rooster stage.

Langhorne Slim and the Lost at Last Band – oh damn. He’s so engaging and adorable. I love his affinity for the elderly. Jenn adds: He totally made me cry with his Sid story today. Also, this *is* the way we move!

Patty Griffin – She had her voice and her voice brings me to tears. Her new songs have some power in them. I’m looking forward to her new album after some rough years. Pain is a beautiful music maker. Also she’s a blondie now.

Did anyone go to see Sera Cahoone? I know Rod and I saw her in the past opening for someone at The Freight, but Did We Jam did not make it over to the Bandwagon on Friday despite the line-up including The Mastersons and Sera Cahoone.

Jenn went to Mavis Staples and Alison Krauss at this point in a Fuck the Patriarchy decision!

Jenn says: And it was a good decision!

Mavis really was great. She always is. She’s a powerful woman and she reminded me (as does this entire festival) that I have friends who love me. I really do!!!

And Alison Krauss and that voice. She is lovely! Great end to the park part of the day.

Back to Andee:  Gregory Alan Isakov – He’s great and I have a friend from college who writes with him so he’s got a special place in my heart. The show was great but I did have a twinge of regret for staying for all the male energy in stage. I tried to leave but at that point it was too much and aborted the mission. Party where you’re stuck. 😉 Which is a little like love the one your with (says Jenn).

Can someone send me a photo from Gregory Alan Isakov?

Trampled by Turtles – Danced, drank, was fun and merry! Also a bunch of white dudes on stage, surrounded by a bunch of drunk dudes. Again, they were great but Jenn was in my head and I was thinking of the Kavanaugh confirmation. Why is it so hard to just be equal?

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