Khalid ACL Taping

This guy was not on my radar but is definitely topping the pop charts. The taping was full of teens and young adults ready to dance. Khalid is originally from El Paso and has had a quick rise to stardom. I won’t pretend to fully “get” it. maybe it is age or maybe it is just not my jam. However, the show was really good. What impressed me most was the genuine joy and kindness Khalid has while he performs and talks to the crowd. In his hit song “Location” he calls out the 915, which is El Paso. It was fun to see a family in the audience go crazy when he sang about the Texas town that is as far from Austin as it is from Los Angeles. I also had a friend who brought her teen daughter to the show. It was her first concert that she wanted to see, rather than tagging along to see mom’s music. They both had an amazing night and her mom told me later that it was perfect. Even if it isn’t your jam, it is so much fun to see people enjoy a show so much. Hopefully shes hooked and will be a live music fan for life!

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