Hardly! Strictly! Bluegrass!

My facebook feed has been filled with memories of HSB’s past, plus I’ve been working on a little project that has me sorting through old photos. I’m looking forward to the new memories that I’m about to make, as well as the new people I’m about to meet (no Raymonds, please!) and the new music that I’m about to discover. There’s a whole host of amazing music scheduled, both known and unknown. I can’t wait to introduce my friends to new discoveries from RWR and Americanafest.  And speaking of friends… it doesn’t get better than this. Friends arriving for the weekend. Friends who live in the Bay Area that I only see this one time each year. LOLMs. It’s a little bit of all of my favorite things. I’ve been trying to behave this week so that I’ll be well-rested for the weekend. The plan was going better before the dispensary decided to offer free dabs from 4 – 7 last night.  Sigh! Consequently, last night was not as well-behaved, nor as productive as I might have hoped. But I did make cookies (and I didn’t eat them all), so I guess it could have been worse.

A couple recommendations from me for HSB18:

David Luning — Local and Lovely! He’s a great storyteller and he’s a great musician. Well worth checking him out if you aren’t familiar.

Ana Tijoux — Maybe not a recommendation so much as a ‘I’ve been wanting to see her for awhile now and hope to take this opportunity’

Langhorne Slim — If you don’t know him, you should. He touched something in me the first time I saw him and I *never* miss the opportunity to see him live. Proof: I’ll be at his show at GAMH on Thursday night.

The Mastersons — A SXSW discovery from many years ago, perhaps from my first SXSW.

Mavis Staples — Do I really have to give you a reason for this?

Glorietta — A ‘super-group’ that I heard about on NPR and then Andee reminded me who they were. I definitely want to check them out! Finally gonna see David Ramirez

Kevin & Dustin Welch — I saw them at the Freight once and this is a must see in my opinion.

I’m With Her — Speaking of super-groups… and in this current political environment, I welcome seeing these ladies (Sarah, Sara and Aoife) and all of their instruments.

Liz Brasher — She rocked it at Americanafest. Definitely recommend

Steve Forbert — Yes! Yes! Yes! If you don’t know him, look up ‘Romeo’s Tune’ and you most likely will.

Molly Tuttle — Americanafest Instrumentalist of 2018

The War and Treaty — RWR find and what a find. This couple is lovely! Their story is lovely as is their music and their stage presence. You won’t regret this!

Eilen Jewell — Loved her when I saw her at Kate Wolf and have been trying to see her since.

Courtney Marie Andrews — Nominated for 2018 Americanafest Emerging Artist. Lost to Tyler Childers. Saw her at the CCR show at Americanafest. What an outfit!

Jeff Tweedy — Duh! My favorite curmudgeon!

The Family Crest (from San Francisco) — This band was a SXSW discovery (ironic?) and they are a lot of fun.

Darlingside — If you haven’t seen these guys, you really must. They will make you feel better, at least they always make me feel better. I ‘found’ them at a time that I really needed healing and I felt like they provided it. Also, they tell funny stories!

Aaron Lee Tasjan — Everyone’s talking about him. His outfits/shoes alone demand the conversation but there’s more to him than sartorial flair.

The Lone Bellow — HSB is where I discovered them. They, too, have a great story and are really quite amazing.

I didn’t mention some of the truly obvious like Emmylou Harris and Alison Krauss. Perhaps I should, but I think you know…

To summarize: It really doesn’t get better than this weekend. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass is my personal favorite holiday for the past I-don’t-know-how-many-years cause I can’t remember when I started going to HSB, but it’s got to be 15 years by now. Looking forward to another one!

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