Decemberists in Austin play Whiskey River to thank the audience for showing up when Willie and Beto are in town

The opener Kacy & Clayton were slow and pretty. I was prepared to struggle in the dark seated theater. (For the record, this is the place that fired me as a volunteer because I didn’t wear pantyhose and am insubordinate. Hehehe) They were best when harmonizing. The female singer seemed like she enjoyed a few too many edibles before the show and told awkward jokes (at least I think they were jokes) but once they started singing it was great. Nice guitar rhythms and melodies with pretty male/female harmony. Yeah. I would see them again.

In 2005 Rob went to Cleveland to see the Decemberists with Slagor, Guich and two guys I don’t know. It was an epic night and this is one of his all time favorite bands so we had to go see this show!

When I bought the tix in June I didn’t know Willie Nelson and Leon Bridges would decide to have a Rally for political candidate Beto O’Rourke on the same night. The band thanked the audience for turning up and played Whiskey River. Check out the video!

They ended the show with the Mariners Tale and a giant inflatable whale floating around the theater. The audience screamed their heads off and it was fun. This band is getting older and they are changing but they remain as smart and creative as ever.

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