And just like that… free tickets to Cat Power and The National tomorrow (9/25)

UPDATE: Turns out the tickets were actually for tonight with Big Thief as opener. It was too much to try to get the tickets and get to the venue so no The National for me this time around… Easy come, easy go!

So, I had a heavy music week last week (and the week before in Nashville). It was Bettye LaVette and then The Brothers Comatose and then Shovels & Rope at the Fillmore (and too much touching and too much singing, the bad kind of singing — singing over the band, not with the band) and then the Sonoma Harvest Music Festival all day on Saturday with so much good music/good feelings starting with Royal Jelly Jive and then The Suffers (who were a new one and AH-mazing) and then Shovels & Rope with the right kind of singing (and touching), and then Lake Street Dive (which compensated for choosing The Brothers Comatose over my pre-existing Lake Street Dive tickets) and then The Avett Brothers (who are always just good for my soul)!

Those are just a couple of the highlights from last week.

I said I wasn’t going to go see any music this week. Well, I said I might try to go see a show on Friday night if Mah Jongg doesn’t go too late, but I wasn’t planning to go to any shows this week. In fact, the only night I had plans beside Mahjing on Friday was taking my friend, Michelle, out to dinner on Tuesday night. I’ve owed her this dinner for quite some time now… pretty much since January, I think but let’s not split hairs. I’m finally making good.

Then I get this text (from Michelle): If I can snag free tickets to The National tomorrow, want to go to that instead? Followed 5 minutes later with: Which I got…

So I’m going to see The National who I like and I always list, but have never seen and Cat Power who I sort of had the chance to see in Ireland, but it was too much logistically if I remember correctly and so I passed on it and haven’t really had the chance since. So there it is! Greek Theatre, here I come (well… tomorrow). Thanks Michelle! I’m liking our friendship better and better all the time! Oh, and I promise I’ll pay for dinner!

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