KOLARS and Calliope Musicals at Stubb’s Indoor

Wow. Just wow. What a great night.

I was tired. It was Sunday night and I haven’t been sleeping well so I wasn’t super stoked about a show with 8pm doors and 3 bands. I have a regular job and have to get up in the morning darn it. That’s how I afford this rock and roll lifestyle!

Well folks, that few hours of sleep I lost was worth it.

Pope Coke was on stage when we arrived. At first we thought one of the two female lead singers was the same woman from Calliope Musicals, just with a wig and interesting homemade star dress, but when they announced it was a bandmates birthday Calliope Musicals gal was there to pass out party favors. The drummer from KOLARS was there too dancing and singing along. This group is just so genuine. It feels so good.

Pope Coke at Stubb’s

Then Calliope Musicals took the stage. It’s very appropriate that Musicals are part of their name because they are all about the performance! All. About. It. Also, they are having a good time. It reminds me of the flaming lips only without the weird oily feeling you have after seeing one of their shows.

And finally KOLARS! They are such a great live band. Not only is the music something I want to listen to, they are fun to watch. Rob KOLARS and Lauren Brown we’re in a band called He’s my Sister She’s my Brother. Yeah, that name needed to go. Now they make a lot of sound for just two people.

Rob Kolar is a handsome dude with sparkly eyes that match the sequin eyes on his shoulders. He’s got a great voice, is a talented musician, everything you want in a rock star minus the over indulgent parts. When Jenn and I met him and Lauren at SXSW they were the nicest, most genuine, unpretentious people.

Lauren Brown is a badass and is likely the life of the party. From dancing on the side singing along to the opener to tap dancing and drumming her way through the show with crazy facial expressions, she really helps this band pop. I just love watching her and it is infectious. I couldn’t help but dance while watching her. I literally could not stand still and clogging lessons from my youth wanted to come out of my feet!

Check out all the videos on our new YouTube channel!


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