Damien Jurado — Tonight at the Chapel

Damien Jurado breaks my heart in the best way possible.  His songs are so poignant and real and he is so real. He talks about his life is such an honest way.

I first saw him open for Jason Isbell at the Fox, if I remember correctly. He completely captivated me. He played his song ‘Sheets’ and wow! It grabbed me so hard; I couldn’t wait to hear more. The next time he played in SF, I had hives and was so miserable and itchy that I couldn’t go see him. I still regret that, even though I’ve seen him a couple times since then.

In fact since then, I don’t believe that I’ve missed an opportunity. The next time that I saw him, he played his song ‘Working Titles’ and again, WOW! That was at the Swedish and he was amazing again! I took Pat and Gucc with me. Pat also professed his love of Damien Jurado by the end; I’m sure Gucc felt it, but he was a little jet-lagged (and I’m not sure that he would have actually professed his love in any case).

Tonight, I’m a little concerned about the venue. People are talky and he’s quiet. I’m really hoping that since it’s a Tuesday night, he will attract the right people and that the ‘wrong’ people who feel the need to go out tonight, will go to one of the other douchey bars in the Mission; there are plenty to choose from these days…

If you aren’t familiar with Damien Jurado and you like quiet, sad songs, come out tonight. He’s the kind of performer that seems fragile and I worry that someday he will no longer perform live, either by choice or necessity. So I’ll be there tonight and pretty much every other time that I can feasibly do it.

Also, I haven’t been to a show in more than 3 weeks and that is just a little too long for me. Sometimes I feel like an addict, but it’s an addiction that doesn’t seem to do [too much] harm, so I’ll continue while I can.

See you tonight? Oh and I expect to see you on Friday, June 1st at the Fillmore for my favorite local band.  That’s right, The Brothers Comatose are headlining the Fillmore and you should be there. I’ve got my ticket and I can’t wait!!!



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