Days like this, it’s hard to be me…

Okay, this is definitely a first world problem, but… how do you decide between The Eels at the Fillmore, Frazey Ford at the Independent and The Hackensaw Boys at Brick and Mortar?

I’ve never seen The Eels and I do like the music. I’ve wanted to see them several times in the past. I think the major reason for not seeing them is that their tickets are so spendy, and so spendy in a city where I don’t need to spend that much to be entertained. Tonight’s show is $39.50 before fees (though I admit that I rarely pay fees as I’m a box office kinda girl). I also know that Kurt will be at this show so I wouldn’t be alone (not that that factor has ever stopped me before).

Then there’s Frazey Ford. I love The Be Good Tanyas so very much and still kick myself for not going to a show in the city some 15 years ago because it was raining out and it was comfortable staying in. Grrrrrr! There is so much more that I could say about this, but I’ll keep that for my journaling.

Anyway… I only ever saw the Be Good Tanyas once and it was a less than ideal performance at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. I can no longer remember the details, but one of their instruments had been damaged in transit and HSB morning sets (all sets) are short ones, so it left me wanting more. And I’m still left there, wanting more…

Do I go see Frazey Ford tonight? She’s not The Be Good Tanyas and so I could be disappointed from the start. Further, I’m told it’s a partially seated show which is not my favorite, though I’ve done it before and enjoyed myself. That said, I’ve done partially seated at the Independent before for people like Lisa Loeb, who I absolutely love and who doesn’t tour very often.* I’ve also done it for Langhorne Slim (who I can’t NOT go to see). In these cases, I know that I would regret not going more than potentially having to sit (to be in the front) or stand in the back. I don’t know if there are still tickets and/or how much they are as it appears that Ticketfly has been a party to a cyber incident and has pulled down all their websites, including The Independent’s calendar. So this one is a big maybe…

Then there’s the Hackensaw Boys about whom I know absolutely nothing, except that Rod recommends them and says they are a good time. He’s never really steered me wrong. In fact, sometimes I think he knows what I like better than I do. He can definitely put it into words better than I can and here I reference his explanation to Stu about why I won’t be going to Jackie Greene (on June 9th at the Fillmore). The explanation: because I don’t know which Jackie Greene I will be getting. So true! So succinct! So sad, because as many of you know… I LOVE Jackie Greene! The Jackie Greene that plays his own music. He’s amazing! The other Jackie Greene bores me terribly though I imagine that he’s having a good time and I can respect that, especially since there is an audience for that Jackie Greene too. I just wish he would remember his other fans from time to time cause it’s been awhile and I think I had to drive to Napa the last time (which proves that it’s been awhile since I haven’t had a car in a couple years).

Okay, I digressed from the Hackensaw Boys. They are playing at Brick and Mortar which is easy and cheap. These are both reasons to go there. And again, I know I won’t be the only one there.

But then there’s my other option for the evening… to go home after happy hour and stay home. It sounds so damned appealing and I am still on east coast time, though it’s getting better, and I will be the only one there (if you don’t count Spike)…

So I have a decision to make, but first I need to get myself ready to go to work. Perhaps this blog will convince you to go out to one of these shows. Rumor has it (it might not really be a rumor), that one follower went to see Damien Jurado because they read my blog on Tuesday. I think he liked the show, but I didn’t get to check in at the end. I know I did! For anyone who doesn’t follow my live music antics on Instagram and/or Facebook, check out Naomi Wachira.

*You may be judging me for my love of Lisa Loeb, but as some of my friends (and former roommates) know, she may have been my first girl crush — not really, hello, Stevie Nicks and Linda Rondstadt. I am totally willing to admit to loving her and her music. I own at least 3 of her CD’s and listen to her pretty regularly. There’s a pretty funny photo somewhere that depicts my Lisa Loeb fangirl level, but I’m not sure where that ended up and it’s probably for the best.



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