A Slight Departure — Writing about a Philly date or two (or three)

As I am preparing for my trip to the east coast which has morphed from the trip that I had original planned, there are some shows that I would really like to attend in the Philly area. Sadly, I’m not going to be able to make any of them, but I can’t stop thinking about them so I thought I’d give a plug and see if someone else can go see these performers.

First up — David Ford upstairs at World Cafe Live on Friday, May 11th. My flight doesn’t land until 6:30 and I’m only in town to visit my family until Monday morning, so it doesn’t seem right to prioritize this show over them. That said, I really want to go this show, especially because he’s not coming to SF again on this tour so this would be my only opportunity to see him. It seems so perfect, and yet….

There’s one review that describes him as an English Lucinda Williams because he puts everything into every word and note. I can’t argue; he was really impressive both times that I saw him. The first time, my friend Jill invited me to join her to see him at the Hotel Utah. He was amazing. I’m pretty sure the second time was also with my friend Jill at the Hotel Utah; I know it was the Hotel Utah. I think Teri also went to one, if not both of these shows.

The night before I arrive, The Secret Sisters are playing at the Sellersville Theater. I love this theater; I’ve seen some amazing music here and I can only imagine how incredible The Secret Sisters are going to sound in this venue. I really can’t recommend this show enough. If you don’t know The Secret Sisters, you should.

Then there’s Front Country at Bourbon and Branch on Wednesday, May 16th. I will be in NYC (seeing The Seafarer), but if I weren’t I would probably be going to this show. This band is tons of fun and really talented. See my earlier blog post about them for more.

Low Cut Connie at Union Transfer on Thursday, May 17th. They are local for you all, so maybe not as big of a deal when they play, but for me out here on the west coast… I would make a point of this show if I could. They are loads of fun; they have previously been the subject of a blog post or two.

Bishop Briggs on May 18th at Union Transfer. I’ve already written about her here a little bit. I’ve never seen her; I really want to. I thought this was going to be my chance, but now I will be heading to DC via Denver instead of Philly. Don’t ask! It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s happening.

In addition to Bishop Briggs on May 18th, Sweet Spirit is playing Johnny Brenda’s. This band has The Power and they are FUN! Sabrina Ellis is unbelievable — the energy that she expends during her performance. This is a band that I really want to see again.

As a side note, Johnny Brenda’s seems to have an impressive line-up (Givers on May 12th and Margaret Glaspy on May 13th and Damien Jurado on May 20th).

So there you go Philly, that’s some of what JennMarks would do…

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