Kristin Hersh at the Chapel tonight (3/29) with Grant-Lee Phillips

I don’t know what to say about Kristin Hersh (formerly of Throwing Muses). There is something about her that just breaks me (but in a good way). Tonight she sort of hit the nail on the head when she explained that Grant-Lee’s songs were like a happy balloon and she wasn’t planning to pop it, but our happiness balloon would deflate over the course of the evening after she took the stage. Though I disagree, I understand. In my case, my happiness balloon started to inflate the moment she took the stage.

I have seen her perform a handful of times now, though I haven’t seen her since 2015. Usually her performances have involved her reading as well as singing. She has a way with words and when she reads or sings her words to me, I feel vulnerable but at the same time, I feel open to anything. I can’t explain it, but her shows are always cathartic for me, especially since reading Rat Girl, her memoir, which I highly recommend. (And whoever has my copy of Rat Girl really ought to return it to me!)

Grant-Lee Phillips is best known (by me) for his role on The Gilmore Girls as the town troubadour. I am by no means dissing him because I’ve enjoyed him when I’ve seen him in the past (and I enjoyed him again tonight), but I wouldn’t be going to this show if Kristin Hersh weren’t performing. So there’s that.

It’s early. I have a little bit of a headache (which seems unfair since I only had one beer last night). I’m not feeling particularly witty or wordy and I need to get ready to go *to* work (blech, I miss my work at home days on weeks like this) so I’ll let this stand as is.  Maybe you’ll see Kristin Hersh tonight.  And maybe I’ll see you….

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