I was recently telling someone about how I used to go to shows by myself all the time when I first embarked on my ’52 in 52′ challenge (which it turned out was not actually a challenge). This is no longer the case because I’ve made so many friends at shows who I then see at the next show, and also because I convince people to go to shows with me.

I think the last show that I attended by myself was Cigarettes After Sex in September. I was certain that tonight’s show, Kristin Hersh with a Grant-Lee Phillips, was going to be a solo venture for me. English Steve had been planning to join me (to fulfill his NYE resolution of seeing more live music [with JennMarks] which has translated to one show per month) but then I introduced him to KOLARS and he decided to make last night his March show).

So I’m at the Chapel waiting for the show to start and I feel a tap on my shoulder and there is Uyen, who I met while waiting in line to buy Jeff Tweedy tickets at the Fillmore on a Sunday morning. (We were the line!) We cemented our friendship when we ran into each other again at an Aimee Mann (or the Both) show at GAMH and eventually figured out that/where we’d met before.

I’m grateful to the community that I’ve built since returning to SF. Thanks all for being a part of it and it was good to see you tonight, Uyen!!!

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