Glen Hansard at the Fox, March 12th

There’s both so much to say about this and then there’s just simply ‘Glen Hansard at the Fox on March 12th’. This is a show that you won’t want to miss. He brings it all to the stage. He’s musical, he’s a storyteller, he’s easy on the eyes and boy can he shake his hips!

Oh, and did I mention the accent.  Yeah, I’m all about the accent (if you know me, you already know this fact). So much so that someone has me thinking about making another (unplanned) trip to Ireland in May this year.

Enough about me, back to Glen. The songs he writes are beautiful.  The stories he tells are funny and self-deprecating and often touching as well.  Then he gets up and starts rocking out to some cover of The Band or Bob Dylan or someone and the dancing and the hip shaking starts and I’m in my happiest of happy places.  There’s a video that Teri took the last time that Glen Hansard played the Fox. It’s Glen covering ‘Don’t Do It’ by The Band. On a bad day, I go back and find it and watch it again. Sometimes I do the same on a good day. I’m sure I will watch it at least once today and if I’m really lucky, I’ll see a similar song and dance tonight on-stage at the Fox with all (most) of my friends surrounding me.

What a way to kick off SXSW this week!

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