Langhorne Slim at The Swedish — 2/20/18

Langhorne Slim is a singer/songwriter from my part of Pennsylvania. He’s playing tomorrow night (Tuesday, February 20th) at the Swedish American Hall as a part of the Noisepop festival. This show *isn’t* sold out and it really really should be!

If you haven’t seen him yet, you really really need to see him.  I can’t explain it; it’s just a factual statement. I don’t know anyone who has seen him that hasn’t fallen in love.  And I mean *in love*.  He touched my friend, Jessica, at a show and I’m pretty sure she still hasn’t washed. It was years ago; it’s getting a little awkward now.  🙂

I first saw Langhorne Slim in 2012.  I’m pretty sure his show was one that my friend, Teri, recommended  when I was first attempting 52 shows in 52 weeks. I’m pretty sure Teri has never steered me wrong, though there have been performers that we have not loved as much as Langhorne Slim.  I can’t say where or how she ‘discovered’ Langhorne Slim. What I can say is that it was instant and deep love for me.  His lyrics are some of the best that I’ve ever heard.  My particular favorite from the song ‘By the Time the Sun’s Gone Down’ may be what started the obsession:

Now I run into some people

and they ask me how you are.

I tell them that you’re doing well

and hope that they step in front of a car

To be fair, I was still in the first year after my break-up and this lyric did really speak to me because it perfectly described a situation in which I found myself more than I had would have expected.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen him now, but every show is amazing.  From his first performance, when I couldn’t believe the way that he interacted with the audience and got right down into the crowd,  to his recent performance of Warren Zevon’s ‘Lawyers, Guns and Money’ as a part of Wesley Stace’s Cabinet of Wonders last year, he has continuously amazed me.

Here’s a photo of him last year when I saw him.

IMG_8877 (1).jpg

He played an acoustic show at The IndependentNicki Bluhm opened.  It was a terrific show with a lot of audience participation and then he started playing my favorite song ‘Colette’.  In the middle of the chorus, this older lady (and when I say older, think Jewish grandmother — I have *no* idea how she was even at a show at The Independent) walks up to the stage (it was a seated show) and asks him to play a Jewish song.  It was one of the odder experiences I’ve had at a show (and if you know me, you know I’ve had quite a few).  Langhorne Slim was as gracious as could be and said something to the effect of I’m singing this song now but after the show, come talk to me and we’ll sing some Jewish songs.  I’m not sure if she stuck around and took him up on the offer; I probably would have, but I have little to no shame.

Do yourself a favor, buy a ticket! Your only regret will probably be the poor alcohol offerings at the Swedish.  Luckily, Cafe du Nord has a full bar downstairs and for now, we still have Lucky 13 for before, after and intermission, if there is one.


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