Bahamas 2/17/18 @ Antone’s

I’ve got all the time in the world, don’t you want some of it? I would if I were you, oo oo oo oo ooooooooo. (cue the guitar riff) free song download

Afie looks like a normal white dude but his command for funky guitar licks and beats is anything but normal. Like a clear lake or warm beach, Bahamas music is easy, fun, and feels like vacation. Its a smooth Jack Johnson-ish groove with unexpected rhythm and lovely female ooh, ahh backup. Just my jam.

I love Bahamas because they do a theme song for a trip I took with my best friends to a special remote place in Canada. That sacred place is close to where the band hails from, Barrie Ontario, just north of Toronto. I can’t add the video (you can see it embedded on their webpage) but it shows the beauty of northern Ontario with some equally beautiful music.

This is an old performance from 2012 during SXSW.

Their shows are selling out everywhere. If they have a show that hasn’t sold out near you, get a ticket ASAP. Most of the Europe tour in March still has tickets available.

I’ll let you know how the show goes.

img_8206Oh, hot damn. That was so good.

So good we saw Terry Laconia scoping out the band for an ACL taping. Yeah, I may have too excitedly told him that needs to happen while his friend Amy and I bonded over awesome Canadian bands. There are so many!

The opening band, The Weather Station (also Canadians) sounded like Joni Mitchell, who as you may know is also a northern neighbor.  Lead singer, Tamara Lindeman even has long, straight blonde hair. I think the combination of the anticipation of the headliner and sweet soft tunes had this performance falling a little short for me. Live music that is soft and thoughtful is often a hard thing. It’s late, I want to get revved up rather than lulled, that’s not the musicians fault. For me, it’s something I’d rather listen to at home, ya know? They were musically beautiful and if that’s your jam, check them out.

Then the Bahamas took the stage and stole my heart! This band is my jam!

The room was packed. Antone’s is a small venue with great sound, a perfect place to see this band and probably the last time I will see them in such an intimate space. I was planning to ask for tickets to this show for Christmas. When I went to get the link for the tickets I saw it was sold out, IN EARLY DECEMBER, for a band that I didn’t think was really that huge. Clearly I was wrong. Thanks to our friend for getting us on the list, otherwise I may have had to take out a loan to buy the scalped tickets at $100 each.

We arrived early and shared a table with two nice women, Christy and her teenage daughter. It’s good to get a seat for your mom when she goes to a show with you and there are a few seats for those who arrive when doors open. It’s also a good excuse to hit up happy hour at Big Henry’s, the satellite record shop next door. There’s a rumor that if a band is feeling up to it, they might spin some records and hang out before their show that night. We didn’t see the band there but I imagine they are getting some much needed rest between arriving to town that morning, doing a show on KUTX at lunchtime, and then heading to another sold out show in Dallas tomorrow night.

When the band took the stage they seemed comfortable and cohesive. Although Afie, the lead singer writes the songs and is the meat of the band, the female backup vocalist, Felicity, bring a softness and glue that help a weathered band feel experienced rather than trained. Old songs felt fresh with some new riffs and variations while the new songs continue to draw me in, making Earthtones my favorite album (so far) of 2018.

In fact, I’m going to go put that record on right now.

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