2/17/18 at Slim’s — Front Country +

For those of you in San Francisco on this beautiful day, let’s make it a beautiful night as well by turning out for some amazing music.  Front Country, plus Ben and Alex Morrison (of The Brothers Comatose) opening. I know I mentioned the show in an earlier post, but here’s a bit more to get you out on a Saturday night.

Front Country performing at RWR in July 2017

Front Country was originally a San Francisco band.  Check out their song ‘Sake of the Sound’ which is about a SF earthquake. According to their website, their musical foundation is traditional music, but they have added their own influence to this foundation and developed “roots pop” as they define their music.

The first time I saw them was on the other side of the country at the Red Wing Roots festival in July 2016.  The band had just relocated from SF to Nashville, so they are no longer a local band for me and sadly I hadn’t yet discovered them when they were playing places like Amnesia.

Melody is very striking with her pink hair and her voice and her presence and I fell in love. Then I spoke with them (because I am a stalker, as some of you know, and also because that’s the type of festival that RWR is) and I fell even deeper in love. They already had a show scheduled in SF at GAMH and I marked my calendar for their return.

Now I go to see them whenever they come to my city and as a bonus, I saw them again last year at RWR (photo above) and am hoping they’ll be there again this July. As noted in an earlier post, I took my cousin, Caitlin, and a handful of friends when they played the Freight in September and it was a great show! Caitlin is now a fan and has been keeping tabs on them, waiting for them to play in Philly (on a non-‘school’ night).

As if Front Country along wasn’t enough to get you out on a Saturday night, tonight we have a special (local) treat. The opening act will be Ben and Alex Morrison, brothers who grew up in Petaluma and have been playing in this city since I returned in 2012 (likely before that as well).

I try to never miss a chance to see these guys, on their own or with their band, The Brothers Comatose.  They are excellent musicians and all around nice guys as well — engaging and entertaining.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen them without the band and am hoping that they’ll share some stories about their recent trip to China. Here’s a shot of the brothers from the last time I saw The Brothers Comatose at HSB this year.


I will have a group with me tonight (or so it would seem).  Hope to see you there as well! It’s gonna be fun…


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