Typhoon at KUTX studios in Austin, TX – February 6, 2018


Typhoon provided a loud, dynamic performance with beautiful but dark and sad undertones. Clearly they are from Portland, OR. I mean, look at those grunge flannels and warm caps. It was cold in Austin but even so, no one wears cozy like our friends from the Pacific Northwest. Their new album was inspired by memory, or rather the loss and fragmentation of it, explained lead singer, Kyle Morton to the KUTX live audience.

From the bands website:

Imagine yourself at the end of your life. Your once expansive mind now wrapped tightly, exclusively around the present moment, give or take a few seconds. Memories — if you can call them that — visit you in fragments: scrap of song here, aching bone there.
Figures move ghostlike around the periphery. Every so often one dips into the foreground, making unintelligible sounds, from an unrecognizable mouth. You aren’t sure if there is still a world out there, but if there is, it’s not looking good
Dissolving now into the greater nothingness you strain with what’s left of your being toward one desperate thought: That somewhere in this jumble of pain and oblivion there is something essential; one simple truth that will pay for everything. You just have to remember it.
You press play.

They will be playing the Independent in San Francisco on Feb 13 but the show is already sold out.



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