Why Live Music?

Music is art and art makes us grow and learn. Growing and learning makes us better humans, able to more deeply enjoy life. Live music enhances that connection when you can see the artist playing and the people around you listening and dancing. If that’s too deep for you, live music is a great place to meet up with your friends without having to clean your room. You can usually get a decent beer and support local industry and art. If you are thinking to yourself, I don’t have any friends to meet up with, its a great way to meet people too, although it does help to be an extreme extrovert like my friend Jenn Marks. Oh, you know her?

You probably met Jenn Marks at a show. She told you about her Facebook page, Live Music — WWJ(M)D and now you keep up with the shows coming to town through her monthly-ish emails. I may have been with Jenn when you met, especially if you were in Austin. I live in Austin and Jenn lives in San Francisco. We met over a decade ago while both working in the same office. Over the years we’ve shared countless conversations about the shows we’ve seen. Jenn finally even inspired me to keep track of the shows I saw in 2018. (There are rules about counting shows so I only saw 64 shows but over 140 bands.) Anyway, we came up with a goal to try and share what we see and what we are planning to see with others who might be in search of a good show.

Now go out, see a show, and support your live music!


Live music is better. — Neil Young

There’s nothing to compare to live music, there just isn’t anything. — Gloria Gaynor

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