SXSW2019, Saturday March 16th

Well, we got into the Rachel Ray party at Stubb’s. Big thanks to Lauren from KOLARS! We can’t wait to see you play.

While waiting in line for the food, we listened to Bob Schneider open one of the stages. It’s okay cause I didn’t pay for it; let’s not forget that he’s a misogynist and we don’t support that.

Now we are listening to J.S. Ondara though it’s a talky crowd and he’s not that loud so it’s a little distracting. The indoor room at Stubb’s is small and intimate, almost church-like in the light of day. Dark on the inside with sunlight streaming in the upper windows. The music was very folky and slow and J.S. Ondara wore a great outfit, complete with white patent leather shoes. This guy could have just stepped off a train in 1940 something. His story is that he moved to MN from Kenya, so that he could be like his idol, Bob Dylan.

KOLARS! And they were so rock-n-roll that they got cutoff. It was awesome! I want Lauren, the drummer to have a taller stage so that everyone can see the rhythmic passion poured out on the drum stage she is dancing on. Then I get concerned that if she did have a tall stage, Rob Kolar would knock her over with his Elvis shake, rattle n’ roll. I have nothing to worry about. These are fucking professionals. They load and unload with precision, are never too tired to bring it and would never fall down, but if they did, it would look like it was just part of the show.

Watching KOLARS is just so fun. For starters, they sound great. I’m excited to hear some new stuff from them. We had a preview of a new song at the Fairmont Hotel and although it was a little softer, it was really lovely. Second, they are great to look at. Sure, they are pretty people but they also wear shiny shiny outfits that ensure you know they are fucking rock stars!

Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real. He wears a bad-ass hat to let you know that he is a fucking rock star. Check out that hat. Also, check out that tiny house on the hill. It’s been there for the last 60+ years and the condos were all built around it in the last 10 years. Ahh, Austin, you’re still cool but there’s a reason folks like the Nelson’s want to live out in the country.

Lukas was having sound issues from a bad wire, which finally got worked out mid-set and made the end oh-so-good… I always love to hear ‘Find Yourself’. I was sad to miss Billy Raffoul but Lukas was really fun to see and sometimes you gotta love the one you’re with.

Big Joanie

We arrived at SX San Jose just in time to get a coffee (dosed lightly with some whiskey to warm us on this chilly Austin day) and wait 30ish min in line to get in to SXSJ. Before we get into our arrival and the SXSJ line-up though, we need to have a quick digression to talk about our Lyft driver, Lauren, and our Lyft ride to SXSJ.  Lauren was the most fun Lyft driver we had; she had the right attitude about working SX and we had a fun, giggly ride with her. She wins the Jammie for best driver! We also saw this giant armadillo (bicycle) that was coming right for us (and looking at us!). Awesome sauce! Check out our Instagram at didwejam for that video.

Big Joanie, a 3-piece black female group, was taking the stage just as we got in (1 in 1 out). They were enjoyable and we found Rob immediately and not long after hooked up with Johnnie from Utopia Fest.

After Big Joanie, Hayes Carll took the stage. Boy do we love Hayes Carll!

This is the 3rd time I’ve seen Hayes this month so we are essentially friends, right? Each time I like him for different reasons. This time it was because he seems like he is so at ease. He’s not amused, more bemused.

Next up: Combo Chimbita. They were lively and she played a very interesting instrument.

Ben Kweller, an Austin native favorite! The crowd was just loving on him!

To close out the night and the 20th anniversary of SXSJ, Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. They attracted a crowd we weren’t really jamming with. There was the overly aggressive big white guy with the tiny girlfriend who wanted to be right up front (which wasn’t the issue so much as that they also wanted to take up way more than the amount of space that was left when everyone jammed in there) and then the guy who recorded a full 20 min (at least) of the show with his thick arm in the air. We headed to the back, but my bet is that he recorded the ENTIRE show.

She was pretty, sounded good, was polished… but it wasn’t doing it for us. Even our camera wouldn’t keep focus anymore. It was a little too clean if that makes sense. Maybe it was just us that had been tattered from the long week so we headed home.

Tomorrow is the Jammies!


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