SXSW2019, Thursday March 14th

For today, we worked on having a plan. The plan was to leave at 9:30 for the Bloody Mary Brunch. Only 30 or so minutes behind schedule but now we are here.

We caught the end of Priscilla Renea.

Stay tuned for how the day unfolds…

Pro tip: if you lose your tickets for your Bloody Mary’s, look in the place where you go to stash drink tickets. You might just find them there!

After running into Holly and waiting in a fairly long line to get our drinks, we settled in for a little Sontalk from Nashville.

It’s a little sunny here. My excuse for pic quality.

Next up was The Strumbellas from Canada. Apparently, they are very popular right now though I hadn’t heard them before. They are anthem-y and catchy. In a different venue, I think they could have been a contender for the Jammies, but this wasn’t that venue/crowd. That said, I still have ‘spirits in my head and they won’t go’….

Following The Strumbellas (who were apparently heading directly to Europe for a tour after this performance), we got to see Erika Wennerstrom (formerly of Heartless Bastards). I love her voice and she gave what I like to think is her usual excellent performance; I’ve never seen her be less than excellent.

Reignwolf played after Erika (and before Patty Griffin — who we were really there to see along with Erika) and I have to say that whoever developed that line-up may not have done Reignwolf any favors. Wikipedia describes them as a Canadian indie/blues rock band, but I felt they were a bit harder than that and a little edgy right before Patty.

While waiting for Patty to take the stage, Andee and I ran into a man with a Topo-Chico v-neck tee that I felt I needed. I didn’t get to keep it (which is okay because it really was too big for me and I would have had to give up the sloth and the humpback to get it). Though Clark work my Front Country tee well, he work his Topo-Chico tee better than I did. Clark’s parting comment to me was ‘I can’t imagine what you’ll be like later if you are this much fun at 2 (or whatever time it was…. cause it’s all SXSW-time)

Patty was lovely! When isn’t Patty lovely? She ended with ‘River’ and it was beautiful. It was also lovely to reunite with Andee’s Austin music community. Holly shared a pic of us from last year at Whole Foods and it made me so happy that I’m posting it here.

I missed Whole Foods this year; not sure why there wasn’t music on the rooftop, but I blame Amazon (which it totally just made up but could be real). I think the loss of the WFM party contributed to not getting to Waterloo at all on this visit.

Patty closed out the bloody mary brunch and then we decided to try to catch KOLARS at Little Woodrow’s, but it turned out we were 24 hours early.  Rookie move, but whatevs. In the process of re-grouping, we ended up in a bar that does Buffalo Bills parties and saw Stealing Oceans.

They were an unexpected good time! Check our YouTube channel for an amazing longer video, but here’s a snip of why you need to go there! And go see them if you have the chance. They’re fun!

After thoroughly enjoying Stealing Oceans (who I must say deserve some sort of Jammies award, but I’m not sure which category we will create — best of the day? best surprise? best not-our-jam jammie?), I saw a little bit of Mobile Steam Unit on my trip to the bathroom after we had some delicious pizza and salad. The lead singer guy in was the same active audience participant guy during Stealing Oceans; he was awesome!

Side note: The pizza slices were bigger than your head and I’m pretty sure I got my veggie points this day — not vegetarian, but 3 servings of vegetables.

Then we walked to Flatstock where we did a little poster shopping (with no purchases) and caught a little of Juan Ingaramo’s performance.

Then we met up with Tyler and got to see his new office with the schmancy view and then he drove us up to Radio Coffee to see the David Wax Museum.

We were early enough to also catch Dana Louise (who also made some cool pom-pom earrings that she was selling at merch, modeled here) while we sat and enjoyed our beers. We were in good company, the audience included The Brother Brothers who were also enjoying the music and hanging with the other musicians. It was fun to watch! People-watching, in general, is good during SXSW. I also got to meet Andee’s friend, Shaun and hang a little bit.

David Wax Museum was a good time, starting with ‘Harder Before It Gets Easier’ and ending with ‘Guesthouse’. The start was a little sneaky; I thought they were still sound-checking so I kind of missed one of my favorite songs, but Andee and I got to dance, sing and jam to Guesthouse (I am not as quiet as a mouse just in case you want to offer your guesthouse.)  There was no jawbone though so it wasn’t complete, but it was good! This may be why they were not a Jammy winner. While Andee and I were dancing, Rob and Tyler got to overhear some quality pick-up lines back at the table. I wouldn’t have thought they would work, but apparently dude got her number and so it goes…

As we were leaving to get food, Tony Kamel of Wood & Wire took the stage.





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