SXSW2019 Sunday Funday 3/10


So we started out headed over to pick up a friend who needed a pick-me-up after the loss of her grandma. She wasn’t quiet ready for us so we dropped by El Chile, El Chilito’s fancier sister restaurant on Manor Rd. We each had a puffy taco and I had a delicious Watermelon Spicy Margarita. It was Sunday Funday after all!

We picked up Shaun and headed over to Hotel Vegas on E 6th St where they have combined with Volstead to offer a fun backyard atmosphere with a large stage outside and two indoor stages. Bands would rotate from side to side of the stage outside and there was always some music playing. The place operated like clockwork and shows were meticulously on time. Bravo to whoever is in charge of all that. The place operated extremely smoothly and clearly, this is not their first rodeo!

First we saw a few songs by Lowin, a lovely female artist with fun pants. We settled in and got our bearings. This place is a bit of a maze, full of hipsters, bars, and stages.

We caught the last half of Shivery Shakes (Austin), a band I have heard of but don’t recall ever seeing live. I really liked the last 30 seconds of what I saw and will try to catch another one of their local shows.

Being Dead –  a screamy bother/sister duo? It reminded me of a sibling argument, immature and angry.

Teddy Glass – A little goovy, a little jammy, and great for a Sunday Funday. I’m all for being in the groove of things and into your music but the “o” faces that the band made to each other was a little much. It seems like something I would rather listen to at home than go see live.

The Lovely Sparrows – Well, just lovely. The lead singer told us his shirt is handmade by PolitePilot (his girlfirend). Check her out on Instagram. I especially enjoyed the flute and saxophone from the female member of this band.

Darkbird – Winners of the Jammies today. I imagine that this is what it was like to see the band HEART in the 70’s… fucking awesome! This is absolutely a live show you do not want to miss. See this band.

Abram Shook – I didn’t see a lot of this show but what I did catch was nice. The Lovely Sparrows saxophonist was in this band too!

She Sir – Not to be confused by Sir Woman, which actually has women in it, this is a band of surf rocking dudes.

Quiet Company – More dudes rocking out. I have been hearing great things about this band but found it a little underwhelming. It wasn’t bad at all, just a little generic.

The Black & White Years – For me this was a little Count Dracula and Weird Al meet Emo rock but my husband loved it. It was his favorite show of the night! It was certainly entertaining and the band really put their heart and soul into it. Well done.

Moving Panoramas – These gals continue to show the boys how it is done, crowd surfing and all!



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