Glorietta @ Scoot Inn

12/14/18 Austin, TX

This band has so much talent in it that you may have trouble figuring out who exactly is in it. That’s because they are our own Austin Supergroup! Don’t get too excited though, this was their last show… except for a special, secret festival in late March that they may reunite for. Nothing will ever be as good as this show was at the Scoot Inn though. It was like watching friends have a party on stage. It wasn’t like that. It was that.

The band’s music is touching and perfectly executed by this group of cherry picked all-stars. Some of it was original and unfamiliar and some of it was music from their own albums or bands. At one point they played WildChild’s song Expectations. I love Wild Child so it is hard for me to say that this band nailed it in a totally different incredibly tight way. Another highlight was when Jason Robert Blum (who I really didn’t know of before) sang a song about Wimberley, TX. It’s a small, quaint town along a crystal clear river in the Central Texas Hill Country and it was just beautiful. If you are not too concerned about video quality, check out the song here:

Toward the end of the show, “Grammy Award Winning” Adrian Quesada pulls out a bottle of tequila, but not just any bottle, a 3-foot tall, color-changing, light-up gallon of tequila. He said it was a gift from his dad and it has been sitting in his studio for a while. What better time to drink it than now. After a quick admission that Matthew is on the wagon (and stayed on while on stage anyway), the bottle began to be passed around and poured into each others mouths. Then David Ramirez sang Friends in Low Places, after toasting a couple that had just gotten engaged. Austin was loving it’s music that night and I love this music town.

The story they tell is that Matthew Logan Vazques (Delta Spirit) pulled everyone together to make an album in Glorieta, NM. and included Nathaniel Rateliff at the time, but he did’t tour with them. Instead, Matthew Logan Vasquez, Noah Gundersen, Kelsey Wilson (WildChild), David Ramirez, Adrian Quesada (Grupo Fantasma), and Jason Robert Blum took on a one-time-only tour this year. If you saw them, count yourself lucky. This is a fleeting moment and that’s why you always go to the show. I know I am glad I did.

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