ShinyRibs @ Waterloo Records

12/11/18 Austin, TX

Do you struggle to like holiday tunes? Do you feel like Christmas music is stuck in a misogynistic time warp with songs like “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and “Santa Baby”? Never fear, ShinyRibs are here!

Re-tooling some old classic (non-holiday) tunes,  the band breathes new holiday life into TLC’s Waterfalls song with the lyrics, Don’t Go Chasing Santa Clause, Please stick to the ribbons and bows that you’re used to. It fits so perfectly you will start to wonder why TLC didn’t write it that way. They played some obscure holiday songs that were not parody and in all, it was not “your fathers holiday music”. It was perfectly shiny and ribby and Kevin Russell may just secretly be Santa Clause.

Go pick up your gift at your favorite music store. (Mine is Waterloo Records, where the band performed.) The ShinyRibs holiday album is available now.

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