The Reputations @ KUTX Studios

“This band is one you need to see” said Taylor Wallace, the KUTX DJ who introduced the band on the radio. That’s right, they are a sight! We were lucky enough to score a couple of the coveted Concert Club tickets to see this band play in the studio at the 98.9 radio station.

Local Austin band, The Reputations are a sight to see. The lead singer, Rockyanne Bullwinkel’s orange halter top with no bra, red spandex, zipper front bell bottoms and fantastic 80’s glam haircut took center stage with others in the band trying to keep up with her style. They did a decent job but it’s hard to compete with that look! It also feels very reminiscent of Sweet Spirit both in demeanor, sound, and performance. I read somewhere that Seth Gibbs who started the band is Sabrina Ellis’ (Giant Dog / Sweet Spirit) ex-husband. Yep, that seems about right. The lead singers give a very similar in-your-face performance. Unfortunately it appears that Gibbs has had to step out of the picture, being diagnosed a few months ago with a rare form of metastasizing stomach cancer with a 1% chance to live beyond a year and a half. We wish you peace and strength in your fight Seth.

The Replacements are entertaining. They have some room to grow but they played a new song they are working on for their next album and it seems promising. I’ll keep an eye on this Austin band as they grow…even if it feels a little like cheating on Sweet Spirit.

Their new album, Electric Power comes out on November 9th.

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