Joshua Hedley at The Chapel on Friday October 26th (tomorrow)

Okay, so I was totally planning to go to this show.

I was first introduced to Josh Hedley when he played fiddle for either Justin Townes Earle or Jonny Fritz. I believe it was JTE first and then Jonny Fritz (back when he was still Jonny Corndawg Fritz) at Communion in the Redwoods in Big Sur. I bought Josh a drink and made him pass a drink to Teri at the same time. (I thought I was very amusing. I often do in those situations and I often get into those situations when there is alcohol involved, especially at live music events.) As a side note, Communion was a great festival and I was sad that there was no repeat. It may have been our best celebration of Teri’s birthday. Though there was Amsterdam in 1999; that was pretty epic! And now I’m digressing from my digression.  So… Communion was also pretty epic and is where I discovered The Brothers Comatose in 2011. It’s is also where I saw Pete Bernhard (of The Devil Makes Three)* play solo, though solo did include fellow TDM3 member Cooper McBean. There were other great things as well about the Communion festival, but that’s a story (or ten) for another day; this is a blog post about Josh Hedley and I haven’t even gotten to the part about how I’m not going to see him because I got gifted a ticket for a sold-out Brian Fallon/Craig Finn show.  (Thanks Kat!)

As I was saying before my digressions, I first saw Josh playing fiddle for JTE and Jonny Fritz and I really liked him; I generally do like a fiddle player, and an upright bass player, and a… (insert whatever instrument/singer/songwriter/etc you’d like here)

During SXSW, I had the opportunity to see him perform at the Waterloo stage and he also did a meet and greet afterwards. I have to confess that mostly what I remember about this was how hot it was outside and how nice and cool it was inside and how fabulous Josh’s jacket was. I would like to see him again under better conditions, but it won’t be this time.

As seems to happen more and more frequently to methese days in SF, there is more than one show that interests me. I’ve been conflicted this entire time about which show to attend. Sometimes not making a decision is a decision, as the Brian Fallon show sold out. So it was decided that I was going to the Josh Hedley show. But then, I got a message from Kat saying that she had an extra ticket for the Brian Fallon show and then a second message gifting the extra ticket to me. And so it goes; it would seem that I’m going to the Brian Fallon show. It was gonna be a win either way for me, but a free show is always a good show and I do like Brian Fallon.

For you, there were still tickets available for Josh Hedley last I checked. If you like a little fiddle and a snazzy dresser, go check him out.

*The Devil Make Three happen to be playing this Saturday at the Fox Theatre in Oakland. They are one of my top five favorite bands. Opening for them is Erika Wennerstrom from Heartless Bastards. Here’s a link to my earlier blog about her.


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