Jade Bird, Tonight (9/6) at The Chapel

Again I haven’t been writing as frequently as I intend to write.

This week, I really meant to write about Bishop Briggs but #StopKavanaugh has been taking up too much of my head space. I’m taking a break from everything for a minute to write about Jade Bird.

She’s British though I swear she sounded Australian. She’s 20. She’s tiny, but she has a big voice. She describes some of her songs as “shouty” but I would describe them as rocking. I saw her a couple weeks ago when she opened for Brandi Carlile at the Mountain Winery. I’m looking forward to seeing tonight as the headliner. I had wanted to see her at SXSW, but something happened. I think it might have been when I found out that my grandmother died. Or I might have been drunk. Hard to say… it was SXSW; not remembering things is to be expected. There’s a lot to remember.

Anyway, tickets are only $18 at the door. I can’t see why you wouldn’t go. It’s a Thursday night. What else do I need to say? #jadebird #didwejam

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