Israel Nash @ Scoot Inn with Curtis Rousch and Feverbones

July 27. Israel Nash, the tall, scraggly teddy bear releases an album tonight. He kinda reminds me of the dude, super chill and probably full of sage advice, like what color rug I need to tie my room together.

The opener, Curtis Rousch (also from Bright Light Social Hour) was already playing when we arrived at 8pm. Sadly many folks missed him. They got to see Feverbones, which just doesn’t really do it for me. Their music isn’t bad and at times sounded like Jim James but it just wasn’t my jam.

On the other hand, Roush puts on a great live show that took me on trips, zoning out during the guitar solos and watching the dusk sky and clouds. Did I mention that it was 100 something today in Austin, Tx?

So one thing that I can’t help doing is overlaying songs in my head that sound similar. Like the song in the video above from Curtis Roush, Space is Empty, with this one from Sharon Van Etten, Every time the Sun Comes Up. It’s a weird habit but once you hear it you can’t go back. Sorry, not sorry.

Israel Nash is next and I would guess it’s about 95 outside. There’s a breeze sometimes and the venue isn’t overly crowded. It’s full but there is space for a foot between everyone so we’re not a sweaty mess!

“The Neil Young of Texas” is what I heard one of our group say at the end of the night. I guess he is in a way. He certainly has the sound down. He also seems to have a talent for being together great musicians and bringing out the best in them. He also brings together good friends! Thanks to Rob, Cathy, Brian, and Bryan who joined me at the show.

The warm evening was perfect with tunes just chill enough for the summer breeze. Congrats to Israel on the new album.

Lifted by Israel Nash is out today.

One thought on “Israel Nash @ Scoot Inn with Curtis Rousch and Feverbones

  1. Sounds awesome. Israel Nash’s new album started the NPR New Music Friday podcast this week. Cody Jinks ended it (FYI — he will be in SF at The Warfield on August 4th)


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