Tonight (6/2/18), I must choose responsibility over Okkervil River

You should not make the same bad choice!

I will admit that if Okkervil River were playing somewhere besides Bimbo’s, I might be more inclined. Bimbo’s has a terrible beer selection and I don’t like their two drink minimum policy (though I’ve never seen it enforced). I don’t mind buying overpriced beers if they are good (thank you Fillmore for the Fresh Squeezed Deschutes), but over-priced mediocre beers don’t really work for me.

Okkervil River, on the other hand, does work for me. I really enjoyed the show I saw in Austin during SXSW, though I was headachy for a portion of it. I definitely plan to see them again, but tonight will not be that night. This may be a bad call, but work is piling up and I also have to vote this weekend, so responsibility wins. Don’t get me wrong, I spent a good portion of today outside enjoying the beautiful weather, but I did it under the guise of ‘errands’, so it’s justified.

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