Mouths of Babes — All the Feelings, All the Time (or at least tonight, June 3rd)

‘All the Feelings, All the Time. No Feelings Left Behind’  According to Mouths of Babes, this is the band’s motto.

I know I say this about *every* show, but you really need to go to this show tonight. Isn’t the motto enough?  These beautiful women are AMAZING! They played at Kate Wolf last year and I caught them performing a few times (plus I had the pleasure of sitting next to them during Dar Williams’ set before they joined her on stage). I thoroughly enjoyed them every time. Their repartee is so engaging; their songs are amazing and somehow they managed to look good, despite the incredible heat.

Digression Alert: The heat that broke my friends (and me) last year; we are not planning to go to this festival again this year — possibly ever again — though I tend to forget things that I swear I will never do again, like cut bangs into my hair. Don’t mention the bangs if you see me in the next few months, as I try to grow them out AGAIN! Do mention it if I tell you that I’m going to get my hair cut; sometimes I seem to need the reminder. 😦

And now back to your previously titled blog post…

If you still aren’t sure about Mouths of Babes tonight, you should check out this video for the song ‘Good for You’. I loved all of their songs, but this one sealed the deal! They also seemed genuinely nice when I met them and bought their CD, and they seemed so happy and in love with each other and that carried onto the stage with them, and that is always attractive to me (hello Shovels & Rope)



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