El Radio Fantastique Tonight (4/20) at BotH

I don’t have a lot to actually say about this band because I’ve never seen them before and I just started listening to them this morning.  Well, I watched a video a few days ago but really… I just started listening this morning.

I’m going to this show for a variety of reasons. One is because I’m always looking for new music and though I prefer to *not* go out on a Friday night, it is 4/20 and that’s my national holiday so I feel like I have to go out to celebrate. The biggest reason for this show is that I’m going because my friend English Steve invited me to go and I feel I owe him. That doesn’t quite describe it; it’s not ‘owe’… Let me explain.

We were out celebrating Steve’s birthday which is in December and somehow the discussion of resolutions started. I heard Steve say that his resolution was to go see more live music in the coming year and then he went on to refine his resolution to ‘go see more live music with JennMarks’.  Yeah, that happened! So since December (though that one didn’t count because it wasn’t the new year yet), Steve has been choosing one show from my list to attend with me.  In December, it was Chuck Prophet.  In January, it was Dustbowl Revival. In February, it was Front County (with the Morrison brothers as openers) and in March, it was KOLARS. While we were at KOLARS, he suggested El Radio Fantastique for April and I feel like I should let him pick one of the shows this year. I know, my generosity knows no end.  Depending on how tonight goes, I might even let him choose another….



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