Goodnight, Texas is opening for The Family Crest (from SF) tonight 4/12

Update: This was deleted accidentally so I’m reposting. It’s obviously old (look at the date….)

… and I can’t go. Deadline tomorrow and there’s no chance that I’ll make it if I go out tonight. As it is, I’m regretting my decision to go to the allergy clinic but I’m already almost a week overdue.

But enough about me and back to the point of this post, you should really seriously consider going to support these two local bands tonight.

Goodnight, Texas has been great every time I’ve seen them. They are a favorite of both Pat and Teri in addition to being one of my local faves.

And then of course, there’s The Family Crest. As you may have seen or heard previously, they were a SXSW discovery my first year. I want to write so much more about this, but I’m out of time if I’m actually going to publish it before the show. I meant to finish it earlier… the road to hell.  Sigh!

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