Brandi Carlile ACL Taping

There’s so much raw emotion coming from Brandi Carlile and her band. She’s one of those artists that can make the tears stream down my face, even when it’s a happy song. I’m not the only one. As we were leaving I heard a woman talking about not being able to hold back tears during a song and watched a dude shake off a few tears at one point during the show. It a a special thing when artists have the skill to connect emotionally to their audience while telling a story that feels both personal and universal. On top of that her sound is impeccable. I thought The Eye was perfect the first time she introduced the twin brothers who play and sing 3-part harmony in her band, Tim and Phil Hanseroth, and sang the line “you can dance in a hurricane but only if you’re standing in the eye”. It’s hard to believe that it was even better when they re-recorded it, saying a capo was in the wrong place and the first one was an octave too high. I’m left wondering how she makes it look so easy, knowing that there is a struggle behind this perfect seeming person, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to write such gripping lyrics. I’m also grateful for voices like this that stand out and sing about justice in a county that seems like its leaders have forgotten what justice and truth look like. In the end it feels great to stand up and cheer for Brandi Carlile, not only because she is an amazing performer, but also because she represents how great this country can be, with more female leadership, freedom to love who you choose, and wisdom to know we all struggle in our own ways.

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