SXSW 2018 Saturday

Saturday’s Jammie Award goes to Calliope Musicals (Austin, TX)

Waiting on the #320 bus. We finally made it to the bus stop before the bus.

Just the Trips – When using google maps transit feature to find your way to a show, pad that time by 5min. When you’re going out with friends it’s really hard for everyone to leave the house at the same time!

Of course, sometimes that bus runs 5min late and leaving the house a little behind would have been just fine. (Sorry guys!)

Happy St Patty’s Day people. Wear your green. Don’t get pinched.

Made it to Flat Stock and now we have posters of orange kitties! Meow.

Body Wash from Montreal, Canada

We made it to Still Whiskey just in time to see local Austin band, Western Youth. They have an album coming out this summer. No plans for a San Francisco tour yet.

After our most exclusive party, we thought it might be fun to see Los Coast and Soccer Mommy at SX San Jose as we worked our way back north but it was crazy with a line so we kept on, pursuing to the next stop, toward Rustic Tap for this show:

Carson McHone – With American Spirits in her boots you might expect a rough, growly voice but she had more of a Kelly Willis yodel, soft warm country breeze kinda voice.

On the way I to the venue I saw Calliope Musicals on the street. When I stopped to say hi I also learned they would be playing the Key Bar soon. Yay! Another bad ass Austin band!


We’re star struck!

Also, Austin just barely skirted a downpour. SXSW creates it’s own weather. Seriously.

We headed back to the Rusty Tap for Paul Cauthorn, who we had seen previously at Waterloo. I got to say hi to the always-on-top-of-it stage manager Andy, who used to live at Casey’s, aka Fair Market. We also picked up Nancy along the way and ran into Peggy!

Then when I settled into a perch to watch the show, local legend Shaky Graves walked by. So I reached out and shook his shoulder (his name is Shaky so it was okay). He turned around and winked. It was great. We left but I hope to hear he was the “Special Guest” last night.


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