sxsw 2018 Wednesday

We started out at the Weather Up on the east side. Tried to take the bus but jumped on a Lyft when there was construction.

Caleb Elliott

Mother Klucker? Colonel Burns? No, Kernel (and Cotton). Also this young photographer. Colonel Burns and Ranger Ted need to check this band out.

Cedric Burnside. Halfway through the drummer traded places with the singer. Mississippi blues goodness.

Lyra Lynn. Soft and sweet was perfect for the day. We’re perched at the fine outdoor but shaded bar at the Weather Up. Austin really is perfect in mid-March. Please remember that it gets hot here so you don’t really want to move here. Remember?

Mia Dyson – Australian female rocker with a voice like Bonnie Raitt

Lazarus Brewery

Lazarus Brewery – Slow Cooked

Lots of covers (but technically counts as a show).

We’ve landed in line at Stubbs.

The boys are staying but I’m heading home to rest my dogs. Night y’all.

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