SXSW 2023 – Sunday 03.19.23 Is this really the end???

The Rusted Tap

Joy Clark

What can I say… this was the first (and only) show that I actually knew the time and the location and that I added to our calendar. I loved Joy Clark from the moment that I saw her in Nashville during AmericanaFest 2022. There’s just something there. She was fantastic and I’m sad that there was not a larger crowd and that it was not warmer. I was really unsure how she was even able to play the guitar with as cold as it was and as cold as her hands had to have been. The highlight, of course, for me was after her set when we were talking to her and she said ‘You’re DidWeJam?!? I follow you.’ I felt famous. (Jenn)

Joy was a joy and while she is in town, she was staying with a nice guy named Happy that we met while waiting for her set. As Jenn said, it was very cold and I don’t know how she did it but it was a great performance and it was so nice to meet her. (Andee)

The Bright Light Social Hour

Everything about this show was weird. Most people seemed to be there to watch basketball, not see the show. There was a table of frat guys (and their gals) right in front of us who were ‘fun’ theatre to watch and confirms that I will never understand people. The highlight for me was that they played two of their original hits, “Detroit” and “Shanty”, to close the show. (Jenn)

Yeah, the kids putting the bucket of empty beer on their heads during the show was entertaining but ugh. I really enjoyed the new female member in the band. I couldn’t stay for the whole show but as Jenn said, it was entertaining. (Andee)

ACL Live The Moody Theater

ACL Taping – Margo Price

I don’t even know what to say about this. She’s fantastic and I caught one of the roses that she distributes to the audience (well, I didn’t catch it, but it was mine.) I look forward to seeing this show when it airs. I was up front and had a great view of her for almost the entire show. (Jenn)

Margo Price is amazing. She performed half of the show in a full length slightly see-through 70’s Holly Hobbie dress and then in a sparkly leotard and stilettos. She can do anything and looks like a million bucks while she does it. (Andee)

And that’s a wrap folks!

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