SXSW 2023 Friday 03.17.23

Paddy’s Day — Don’t forget to wear your green so you don’t get pinched! Also, do not pinch without consent.

ACL Radio Morning Show @ Hotel Van Zandt

Natural Lines

This is Matt Pond PA’s new band with John Courage, who plays with Sean Hayes and Ben Morrison and has his own band. Not sure how that all works out since I think Matt is from Brooklyn and John is a Bay Area guy. I guess rock stars are only at home on the road, right? (Andee)

I don’t know who Matt Pond is / was, but I enjoyed the songs and I loved seeing John Courage (a Bay Area regular) in the band. (Jenn)

Chance Pena

Young singer / songwriter. I liked him. My memory is that he was a good guitar player and his lyrics weren’t bad at all. (Jenn)

This kid looked like my freshman crush. Adorable and afterward, watching all the ladies (of all ages) clamour to take photos with him was super cute as well. His voice and guitar playing wasn’t bad and I can absolutely see his appeal. (Andee)


As this band set up, I started to realize I had seen them before at the Yeti store in 2021 singing “She’s got those hoop earrings on / never gonna do wrong / talking about some boy from LA”. They didn’t play that but they were great and they are local so I hope to see them again! (Andee)

And I also hope to see them again… when they go on tour after they graduate from college this spring. I really liked them. I would DEFINITELY see them again, plus I *need* to hear “Hooped Earrings” live. (Jenn)

Kalush Orchestra

This band won the most recent EuroVison contest. They are from Ukraine and bring a lot of energy to the stage. (Andee)

Agree. Very energetic and fun to watch. They *nailed* their soundcheck and I enjoyed their entire performance. (Jenn)

Brittany Davis

I liked her. She was introduced as a translator of sonic divinity and she made some reference to the fact that she was blind, black and queer but I don’t seem to have jotted it down. She played keys and ended with a Stevie Wonder cover. (Jenn)


Apparently this band was all the rage at SXSW this year. They were good and seemed very young. It was nice to see another rock band with a female lead getting some traction. (Andee)

As Andee indicated, Blondshell was *the* band that everyone was trying to see. The lead singer’s voice and lyrics reminded me of The Cranberries / Dolores O’Riordan. I liked her / them. I would see them again. Plus they have a song “Veronica Mars” and I loved that TV show / movie. (Jenn)

Devon Gilfillian

Damn. I can see why I keep hearing this guys name. (Andee)

Agreed. Also, I feel like Devon Gilfillian was playing *everywhere* at SXSW2023 and yet we just missed him at every single gig, so I’m glad that we were able to catch his two songs on the radio show, even if it was only him without a band. One of these days, I will actually see a full performance of his; until then, this will have to satisfy me. (Jenn)

Yeti Store

Myron Elkins

The Yeti store is always a great stop during SXSW. Last year I saw Briscoe (“Hooped Earrings”) who we saw this year at the ACL Radio morning show. They have a food vendor in the back that sells really good food that you can eat in the store while watching the band, which is what we did. It’s important to eat and hydrate at SXSW! As for the band, they provided a fun Americana rock that I was glad to have caught. My friend Johnny, who we go to Utopia fest with, said that this band was high on his radar. They were not disappointing and gave a great performance. (Andee)

I liked him and his band. They were a little on the country side of things, but I would definitely see him again. I feel like Rod would have liked him. Sidenote: I also liked the cowboy artwork (@lauragoodsonart). (Jenn)

Continental Club

Wealthy West

Stopped in to see one song. (Andee)

I think we stayed for at least two songs. I was not impressed by either of them. I vaguely remember a repeated lyric (perhaps “too soon”) and I remember quipping on the lyric to Andee in the vein of ‘Is it too soon to leave?’. I’m not sure that was the lyric, but he does have a song entitled “Too Soon” and it’s my story so this is how I’m gonna tell it (unless / until Andee corrects the story and in this case, I’m not expecting a correction). (Jenn)

Garrett T Capps

Our new friend Brian from Oskar Blues highly reccomended this band as one of his favorites. We met the keyboardist at Imogene & Willie’s and he was super nice. They put on a good show with some psych country vibes. (Andee)

I was a little late to this show as I was busy fan-girling Molly Martin at Imogene & Willie’s. I literally have 5 videos from the same song (that all sound almost exactly the same — like a never-ending chorus) or I have 5 videos of different songs that all sound exactly the same. I am assuming the former, but both seem weird. I liked this guy / his band and would very likely check him out again though it wasn’t totally my jam. (Jenn)

Imogene & Willie’s

Peter One

This was a much better show than the one we saw at SXSJ. The sound at this venue was well done. This guy kinda sounds like he could be a backup singer for Paul Simon. The backup singers were adorable and added a fund dimension to the band. (Andee)

I’m not sure if we just walked up at the right moment, but I really liked this band (especially the back-up singers) in this performance. As Andee alluded, the performance we saw at SXSJ was slightly boring, but to be fair the sound was (always is?) slightly terrible at SXSJ; a little blown out, but it sounds great out on South Congress. I would definitely check them out again. I see them as a Freight and Salvage type band. (Jenn)

Molly Martin (SXSW2023 Jammie Winner)

Molly is a rock star! Bad ass! Professional! Confident! Great songs! Great stage presence and connection with her audience. Cannot wait to see her again! Glad I got to see her twice cause it could be a bit before we cross paths again. (Jenn)

Chec out our full review here: Molly Martin Jammie Winner

John Francis & the Poor Clares

These folks had a song about going to San Francsco and leaving broke. (Andee)

I may have been partial to this band because of aforementioned song. It was good and it’s also so true “the weekend / california / stole my money / left me high”. The two could be related. (Jenn)

Izzy Heltai

Matt Pond style sound. (Andee)

Totally listenable. Nothing to really stand out, but I enjoyed re-watching / listening to my videos. Seeing 85 performances in 6 days makes timing a crucial part of the equation. (Jenn)

Bella White

We saw the last song without much memory of her show. (Andee)

We actually only saw the end of the last song. I took two pics, but didn’t even take video. That’s all I have to say about this. (Jenn)

Jaime Wyatt

Is it wrong to compare her to Nikki Lane? They look similar and have similar rock country styles. She was good. (Andee)

She was more than good; she was great! This is our second time seeing Jaime Wyatt (We saw her previously at AmericanaFest.), but I have had a song of her is my Spotify playlist for forever. I really like her! She wasn’t happy with her sound, especially in the beginning of the set, but she ‘didn’t want to torture these folks’ and I actually thought she sounded fantastic and so did the guys next to me who were really there to see Devon Gilfillian. (Jenn)

Goorin Bros Hat Shop

Lew Apollo

Can’t say that I have any memory, other than a photo with his name on a sign in it. Luckily Andee took a short video, he sounded good, lots of guitar. (Jenn)

Tropo Magica

This was a very pleasant surprise for me. When we had been at the hat shop earlier (Lew Apollo), I was thinking it was already Saturday and so I thought we had missed Tropo Magica by a day. This band was a find of mine and Rod’s. They opened for someone (I’m searching for this information and it turns out it was FIDLAR) under a different name (Thee Commons) and wore wolf masks on stage (this was likely a different band that I have conflated with Thee Commons / Tropo Magica as I can find no photographic evidence of this). We loved them and then went to see them a few more time after the name change and sans masks. This is my first seeing then without Rod. I spoke with a manager at the hat shop who was responsible for the line-up and she acknowledged that they were the highlight of their performers. They put on quite a show in that tiny space! (Jenn)

SXSJ @ Hotel San Jose

The Oracle Sisters

Popped in for a brief watch. It’s strange that this band of what appears to be two men and one woman call themselves sisters. The female drummer does have beautiful red hair and might be a sister that can see the future. (Andee)

Very brief watch. Literally no memory other than thinking they were Scandanavian (I don’t know why I thought this) and asking someone who was playing and having him respond that he didn’t know / he could only keep track of his own schedule. We saw him later at Imogene & Willie’s and realized that he was ‘the talent’, Izzy Heltai, who had just finished his set at SXSJ when I made my inquiry. Going back, it turns out that I do have photo / video and they do not appear to be Scandanavian but it does appear that the the keyboardist may indeed be sisters with the drummer. From the video and Spotify, they seem kinda dreamy and mellow and not really my jam, but not bad either. (Jenn)

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