Della Mae (with a shout-out to The Easy Leaves and some other ramblings)

So this week I was supposed to go see Della Mae on Thursday night. I was pretty excited about the show because there was this song they played this past summer at Red Wing Roots.  The song was ‘Headlight’ and it really spoke to me , especially in light of all the #metoo bullshit (which has now been replaced by #covid19 but for how long? It’s not like women are suddenly being treated better though Harvey Weinstein did actually get slapped more than most white men do.). At the time, I could not find a recording of the song — I don’t think there was one — and I remember trying to hunt down the lyrics and trying to find a recording afterwards since I hadn’t recorded any of it, only jotted down some lyrics / notes.

It was too hot during their set at Red Wing Roots. I know it was too hot because I have zero pictures and one video. And that video was not either of the songs I mention in this blog AND the video was shot at a distance. Clearly I was hot and hiding in the beer garden with my fairer friends who avoid the non-shaded areas of the festival (e.g., the stages). I’ll add the video for ‘Bluebird Blackbird’ because it’s not a bad little video and they really were great.

I believe that ‘Headlight’ was just released for the first time on their latest album and now there is a video. I’ve included it for your enjoyment, but I might love their song ‘Boston Town’ even more than ‘Headlight’. So check that out as well.

And as I said, ‘Headlight’ is their latest album and they have all kinds of merch bundles at their website if you’d like to own it or something of theirs. In case you need gift ideas, they have socks! They also have a cool looking journal AND women’s cut tee shirts (because they are women, perhaps). Time to break out the credit card and buy some merch. Who knows how many band tees I will need to get me through #shelterinplace selfies? You can check out our didwejam I/G page to admire our tee collections and bad selfies and maybe even some old videos and photos.

So now for the funny part(s) of this story…

I used to get the bands Delta Rae and Della Mae confused. They are not really similar, but the names were similar enough and I didn’t know either of them very well and they sort of both run in my circle (Hardly Strictly Bluegrass music). To differentiate between them, Della Mae was the band where all the women wore high-waisted pants the first time I saw them in 2014. August 2014 was IMHO cutting-edge for high-waisted pants making a fashion comeback. On my vertically-challenged frame, I can safely say that high-waisted pants are a fashion DON’T and therefore cannot make a comeback. How can you make a comeback as fashionable when you weren’t fashionable the first time? Again, this is just one girl’s opinion and of course, I am hardly a fashion icon (band tees and jeans for this girl). This may be why for 4 years that was the main thing that I remembered about Della Mae. In fact, when they were announced as playing RWR last summer, I believe that every reference I made to them was not to their music, but to their 2014 clothing choices. I guess they didn’t make a huge impression on me in 2014.

After a little research I came to find that Teri and I did not go to see Della Mae at The Chapel that August night. We went to see the opening band; the opening band was The Easy Leaves as a duo. I did not pull my journal for that time period so I don’t really know what I thought of Della Mae, but I did find this photo (thanks facebook) of The Easy Leaves from that evening. And I couldn’t have hated Della Mae because I always remember the bands that I don’t like cause I don’t like to repeat negative experiences.

So COVID COVID go away. Don’t come again another day. Bring Della Mae back to play.

That is all.


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