The Lone Bellow

Friday night would have been The Lone Bellow at The Fillmore.  I’ve had this ticket since November 23rd.  I really wanted to go to this show.  This band is fantastic!

The last time that I saw them was at the Great American Music Hall in October 2018, but I have seen them many times.  The show at GAMH was memorable because Ben Morrison (of The Brothers Comatose and The Ben Morrison Band) opened for The Lone Bellow. It was also memorable as it was the Sunday night of Hardly Strictly Bluegrass which is a tough night to go to a show in my circle of friends, but we did it! Lastly, the show was memorable because I got a shout-out from Ben during his set; it’s nice to know the talent.

But I digress…. The Lone Bellow!  They’re so good that I went to see them the Sunday night after Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2018 AND I saw them earlier that same day AT HSB2018 on the Rooster Stage.

HSB is also the first place that I saw them.  I can’t remember what came first, but I believe that it was that Peter recommended them when they were announced as part of the HSB line-up and so I started to listen to them and found a song or two that I liked and so I decided to priortize them at HSB. For anyone who has attended HSB, this can be one of the biggest challenges. Was this in 2014? I know I saw them at HSB in 2014 and also in 2015. And again in 2018, so I guess I like to prioritize them. I’m surprised that it was only 6 years ago that I discovered this band, our history is so short compared to others, but the love is deep. I know they wow-ed me at HSB that first time. I mean they really knocked my socks off. I remember talking about them afterwards with my friends. It was a collective WOW. We all felt it. They gave it their all and their all is pretty freaking amazing! I think they were surprised by the reaction from the crowd; they definitely seemed surprised when we spotted / recognized them later at the Banjo stage and yelled for them.

I’ve seen them many times since then. I feel like I take every opportunity to see them. The new EP, The Restless, is what they are promoting.  I’m not familiar with the new EP; sometimes I like to be surprised at the show. That said, I can strongly recommend that you listen to ‘You Never Need Nobody’ or ‘Cold As It Is’ if you need a quick introduction into why you should love them. Their voices blend so beautifully and their songs break my heart. Andee is also posting a video on our I/G didwejam from Old Settlers last year.

So why don’t you cruise on over to their website and take a look at their merch.  Here’s the link to their tees. Anyone who knows me know that I prefer a v-neck women’s cut tee. That’s not available here, but there is a women’s cut Pegasus tee that I’m eyeing and a Yellow Rose tee that I could see being very appealing to a Texan that I know and possibly to me as well.  There are also posters and bandanas and, of course music.  There’s always music! So until touring picks up again, do what you can to support The Lone Bellow. You could also think about picking up some merch from The Fillmore. This is going to be hard for the venues as well. I think I know someone who’s getting that ‘F is for…’ onesie!


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