Camp Fire Relief Benefit Concert — Sunday, December 2, 2018

KC Turner is organizing a Camp Fire benefit show at the HopMonk Tavern in Novato. The show is scheduled for Sunday, December 2nd. Doors will open at noon. Music starts at 1 and will continue until 10 pm. 100% of ticket proceeds will be donated to the North Valley Community Foundation.  I’ve included some information about the Camp Fire Relief Fund from NVCF’s website at the bottom of this post.

The following artists have already been announced and there will be more according to the website.

  •  Alejandro Escovedo
  • Dan Bern
  • Megan Slankard
  • Heather Combs
  • The Sam Chase
  • T Sisters
  • Bobby Jo Valentine
  • Josh Brough
  • Kate Lardner & The Branson Rock Band
  • DJ Bothsides (spinning between sets)

Tickets are available at KC Turner Presents. Because this is a benefit, there are different prices for tickets, but the tickets are all the same. It’s a give what you can situation. Minimum cost to attend this event is $50 and I don’t think I need to say this, but the money will go to a good cause.

I don’t really feel like I need to say much about these artists to ‘sell’ this show as that’s not the real reason that most of you will probably attend, but look at that line-up. After seeing Alejandro Escovedo in Nashville, I would possibly consider going just for him and there’s so much more there.

This is what NVCF’s website says about the use of funds.  They will keep 1% to cover their own administrative costs. The remaining 99% will be distributed.

Distributions from the Camp Fire Relief Fund

For short-term immediate financial needs, the North Valley Community Foundation has formed an internal committee of board members and service providers that consider requests and approve grants on a daily basis. However, our more important role will be to work with community leaders to determine needs and best uses of funds once the fire is out and attention turns to recovery efforts. That phase will be evolving over the next few months and will include collaboration with key funders, local and regional agencies, and direct service providers.

Separate from the Camp Fire Relief Benefit, I wanted to mention that the SPCA in SF has gotten an influx of rescued pets from the Camp Fire. The intent is to reunite these pets with their owners, however the SF SPCA needs to make room for all of these furry survivors, so they are currently waiving adoption fees. If you’ve been thinking about getting a pet, you can take the $ you’ll save (I’m just guessing here that you can’t adopt an animal for less than $50) from the adoption fee and use it to go see some live music and further support the Camp Fire victims. It’s like multi-tasking that improves your karma! Just sayin’

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