Walker Lukens @ Mueller Lake with KUTX

It was cold last night in Austin, TX but that didn’t stop us or the throngs of young children from hitting up the free Friday night show at Mueller Lake featuring Walker Lukens. When I say young, I mean toddler to 8yr olds. They danced on the stage, separated by some orange cones and a string. It was cute, then it was weird. I forget how crass he can be with lyrics like “Baby, let’s make a baby. I’m tired of all this fucking for nothing.” Yeah, that went over most of their heads (and the parents heads too I guess.)

The space was too open and lighting too off to truly appreciate Walker Lukens performance but hey, it was free. There was free Kona Brewery beer too! I’m glad I went. Even in this imperfect place. The band puts on a decent performance.

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